The C-suite is often referred to as the "inner sanctum" of a company - and for good reason. They are responsible for making strategic decisions that can make or break a business. The Leadership Team at Reach Partners has deep industry experience in the C-suite. This gives us a unique perspective on our Clients’ business challenges and opportunities. It also allows us to provide our Clients with continuity and stability during times of change.

Our Leaders can steer your business towards success.


Jennifer Macivor is a highly experienced business executive with over 20 years in senior-level and C-suite roles. Throughout her tenure, she has demonstrated a proven track record in driving performance improvement, transformation, and cost reduction across multinational organizations. Jennifer is also an expert in managing large-scale supply chain and ERP transformation initiatives, making her an invaluable asset to both our Firm and our Clients.

Kumaran is a Client Delivery Transformation Leader with over 25 years of experience. He is known for his successful track record of delivering complex transformation programs on time, budget, and value. He specializes in digital enablement and ecommerce retail optimization and is skilled in leading large, diverse Teams through strategic initiatives. Kumaran has the expertise necessary to deliver top-notch client transformation initiatives.

Leslie has more than 25 years of experience developing strategies for retail companies to drive revenue and business improvement. As consulting professional and an industry C-suite executive, Leslie won the Consulting Excellence Award for her well-known ability to deliver successful change initiatives. Leslie's diverse repertoire of skills allows her to develop innovative solutions that address Clients' challenges and help them achieve their desired results.

As an experienced executive IT leader, Mohammad Saleh has worked tirelessly to foster cross-functional growth across technology teams and has a proven track record of identifying opportunities for revenue growth. Mohammad has successfully spearheaded multiple successful initiatives focused on building customer-centric solutions, creating brand-new transaction avenues, and driving customer satisfaction and revenue through omnichannel experiences.